Ta Maria girls - Past and present

HeJW-16 JV-16 HeW-17 Ta maria Doubly Divine
born 17.2.2016
Sire: Yung Lo´s Double Fantasy
Dam: Ch Matsuba Devine Fantasy
Co-owned with Ulla Rinne

Ta Maria Beau Sancy
born 16.5.2016
Sire:  Ch Cinque Ports Eyecatcher
Dam:  Ta Maria The Empress

JW-17 HeJW-17 NordJW-17 Ta Maria Bonfire Heart 
born 7.11.2016
Sire: Ch Cinque Ports Eyecatcher
Dam: Ta Maria Party Ain´t Over
Co-owned with Kitte Ansio

Fin Ch Artelino Midsummer Madness 
born 26.5.2015
Sire: Ch Ta Maria The Bombastic Beat 
Dam: Ch Ta Maria Wot A Bee 

Fin & S Ch Ta Maria Aurelia 
born 06.10.2011
Sire: Ch Cinque Ports Eyecatcher
Dam: Ch. Anibes Bee In A Bonnet 

Ta maria The Empress
born 21.10.2014
Sire: Ch Ta Maria You Name It
Dam: Ch Matsuba Divine Fantasy 

CIB Gb & Fin & S & NU & NORD Ch HeW-15 V-15 HW-14 Matsuba Divine Fantasy 
born 06.08.2009 
Sire:  Ch Ta Maria May I Fantasy
Dam: Matsuba Ym Divine
Breeder: Matthew Russel, UK - Co-owned with Ulla Rinne

Fin Ch Ta maria Nocciola
born 06.08.2009
Sire: Ch Ta Maria May I Fantasy
Dam: Ch Ta maria Stracciatella

Ta Maria Bumble Bee
born 8.2.2009
Sire: Ch Mintzun Prime Time
Dam: Ch Anibes Bee In A Bonnet

Fin & Swe Ch Ta maria Tiramisu
born 19.03.2008
Sire: Santosha Chocolate Kisses 
Dam:  Tangse Cloe

Fin & SUCh HeVW-16 V-16 VV-16 Ta maria Stracciatella
born 19.03.2008
Sire: Santosha Chocolate Kisses 
Dam:  Tangse Cloe

fin Ch, JV-05 Anibes Bee In A Bonnet
born  15.07.2004
Sire:  Ch Ghias After-Eight 
Dam:  Anibes Absolute-Lee Antique

Fin Ch Tangse Honey May
born 18.10.2003
Sire: Ch Ta maria Red Rouser
Dam:  Ch Tangse Samatha Wee
breeder Rose Åkersten, Sweden

Fin & S Ch Ta maria Little Madonna
born 12.6.2000
Sire:Ch Ta maria Dancing Master
Dam:  Ch Krysanteemin Kiss Me Kate

Fin & S Ch Tangse Cheyenne
born  27.11.1999
Sire:  Ch Tangse Wiseguy
Dam:  Tale-Shih's Wilma
breeder Rose Åkersten, Sweden

Louwan's Georgie Girl
born 17.1.1998
Sire: Ch Louwan's Rebel Rouser
Dam:  Ch Louwan's Just Peachy
breeder Wanda & Louis Gec, USA

Int & Nord Ch WW-03 Ta maria Mayflower
born 27.1.1998
Sir: Ch Santosha Red Admiral
Dam:  Ch Tamaria Dancing May

Int & Nord Ch Ta maria Dancing May
born 10.6.1994 
Sire: Lin-Pearl's Disco Dancer
Dam: Int Ch Mai-Tai's Daisy May

Int, S, Fin, Est & Dk Ch NORDW-97 Mai-Tai's Daisy May
born 16.10.1992
Sir: Wupiwo Nicklauss
Dam: Mozi Miss Goldie Hawn
breeder U-C Ljungh, Sweden

Fin Ch Sirklahden Taika Tamaria
born 15.5.1990
Sire: Ch Santosha Tigersun
Dam: Sirklahden Nanoo-Nanoo



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