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13.12.2008 Finnish Winner Show, Helsinki 

Judge Hans Almgren, Sweden

Ch Ta maria Vanity Fair 2nd Best Bitch and BOB veteran. 


N Ch Ta maria Fantasy Forever 3rd Best Bitch with res-Cacib, CC and 
new Finnish Champion.

Ta maria BOB breeder's group

23.11.2008 Winner Show, Norway 

 Ch Ta maria Sugar Daddy was BOS with Cacib and got the title NV-08.
Well done little Simon!

In the same show Ch Ta maria Snow Angel got CC and became Norwegian Champion. Congratulations to Jackie!

5.10.2008 Club Show, Finland  

Judge Fiona Whitehead, Great Britain.

Ta maria Tiramisu BIS puppy

Ch Ta maria Vanity Fair BIS veteran.

BOB Breeder's Group

23.8.2008 Hämeenlinna Int Show, Finland  

 Wanda and Hugo took double win. Congratulations!

Judge Leni Finne, Finland.

Ch Ta maria Johnnie Rebel and Ch Ta maria Vanity Fair

1.-3.8.2008 Sawo Show, Finland  

Ch Ta maria Snow Angel did a visit to Kuopio. Results were 2x BOB, 2x Cacib and CC. She can also add to her titles Finnish Champion!

Well done Jackey!

20.7.2008 NMHK, Norway 

Ch Ta maria Sugar Daddy has been quite busy in Norway. He was again BOB.

Judge Sean Caroll, Ireland. 

Congratulations Frode, Hilde and Ulla! 

12.7.2008 Bornholm, Denmark 

Ta maria Snow Angel was BIS BOS and became  Danish and Swedish Champion!

Jackey's CC's:

17.5.2008    Hässleholm / Sweden  Yolanda Nagler-Magal, Israel   BOB
25.5.2008    Jels /Denmark            Tomas Borkowski, Poland       BOS
31.5.2008    Varde /Denmark         Michael Forte, Ireland             BOS
29.6.2008    Borås /Sweden           Lena Stålandske, Sweden      2nd BB
12.7.2008    Bornholm /Denmark    Nina Karlsdotter, Sweden        BOS

Congratulations to the owner Mall Wallengren, Sweden. 

14.6.2008 Forssa Int Show 
Judge: Kirsti Lummelampi

Ch Ta maria Johnnie Rebel BOB with Cacib!
Congratulations to "Hugo".

1.6.2008 Norway, Våler
Judge: Tino Pehar

Ch Ta maria Sugar Daddy BOB and BIG-2 !
Simon showed where the Finnish Shih tzus are made from. 

25.5.2008 Aptus Int Show 
Judge: Albert Easdon, GB

Tangse Honey May BOS Cacib CC and new Finnish Champion!

18.5.2008 Salo
Judge: Harto Stockmari, Finland

Ta maria Johnnie Rebel BOB with CC and new Finnish Champion!
Congratulations to "Hugo".

30.3.2008 Norway, Bergen, International

Ch Ta maria Sugar Daddy BOB and BIG-2 and new Norwegian Champion.
Well done Simon and thank you Hilde and Frode!

23.2.2008 SST Midvinter Specialen
Judge: David Iley, GB

Ta maria Fantasy Forever BOB with CC. Well done Frode & "Ulla"!